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Several cycle routes lie close by, including:


The 7Stanes Mountain Bike Trails

The 7stanes are seven mountain biking centres spanning the south of Scotland, from the heart of the Scottish Borders to Dumfries and Galloway. At each of the 7stanes locations, you'll find a stone sculpture reflecting a local myth or legend. Moat Vale provides a (not quite) central location for the routes. The stanes are found out on the trails in the forests, in prominent locations near cycling and walking paths. They’re accessible on foot or by horse as well as by bike, and range in size from one to three metres high and from two to six tons in weight.


The Border Stane, Newcastleton

This stane is stands right on the border between Scotland and England. The hole in the middle allows people stand on either side of the border and shake hands through the stane:  http://www.7stanesmountainbiking.com/

Trail map: http://scotland.forestry.gov.uk/images/pdf/rec_pdfs/7stanes-newcastleton.pdf


The Border Reivers Cycle Route


They were notorious murderers, thieves and ne’er-do-wells who plundered the lawless border lands of England and Scotland with impunity for than 300 years. For them life was hard, violent, and usually short- ended by the cold steel of a sword, or more commonly by a hangman’s noose. They were the Border Reivers.


Now, four centuries after they roamed the land, the bloody legend of the Reivers lives on. The Border Reivers Cycle Trail takes you into the heart of their stronghold. Aimed at cyclists, walkers and horse riders, with routes to suit all the family the Trail covers over 100 miles of spectacular and unspoilt countryside. http://reivers-route.co.uk/the-route/


Lands  End to John o Groats (LEJoG)


We always have a few LEJoGgers in every year, some on their own , some as part of larger parties and full support crew. LE JoGgers are always  welcome and always have a tale or two to tell on their way past Carlisle and Gretna Green.   The question is ..... Why :) !!!!


National Cycle Network - Route 7


This long distance route takes you from Sunderland to Inverness via Longtown. See sustrans link http://www.sustrans.org.uk/route-7 for a route map and additional info. Cyclists are always welcome to take a well earned break at Moat Vale .


Eden Valley Circular Cycle Route

Spur 1 of the Eden Valley Circular Cycle Route from Carlisle to Brampton is an ideal way to experience much of The Debatable Lands. The majority of the route is on small, quiet roads that see little more than local traffic and provide spectacular views of the beautiful countryside.



Kielder Forest Mountain Biking


Kielder is now an international destination for mountain bikers. The Deadwater Trail offers an exiting  range of challenges fro 2km to 15km long.


See www.kieldertrailreavers.org.uk

or http://www.visitkielder.com/play/adventure/mountain-biking  for more info



Cycle Hire & Service


BIKESEVEN Cycle Service Centre

Unit 2 Sandilands, Longtown, Cumbria, CA6 5LY

Tel: 01228 792497

Email: info@bikeseven.co.uk

Website: www.bikeseven.co.uk

Bike Hire +  Bike Building, Parts, Training, Hire, Help & Advice.

Great Service, Great Gear and free coffee for all Land’s End to John o’ Groatsters. Just 3 Miles from Moat Vale Campsite


The Bike Place
Catering for the MTB enthusiast.
Unit 3, Rivermead, Kielder, NE48 1HX
Tel: 01434 250 457


Kielder Bikes
Located adjacent to Kielder Castle, the friendly and ever-helpful Kielder Bikes can provide spares, repairs, bike hire and a rescue service.
Tel: 01434 250 392


Moat Vale Touring Caravan Site
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Kielder Bike Trails

Campsite John o Groats to Lands End to End

Campsites John o Groats to Lands End to end

Camping John o Groats to Lands End to end

Campsite Lands End to John O Groats

Campsites Lands End to John O Groats

Camping Lands End to John O Groats

Campsite LeJog

Campsites LeJog

Camping LeJog

Accommodation John o Groats to Lands End

Accommodation Lands End to John O Groats

Accommodation LeJog





Campsite 7 Stanes

Campsites 7 Stanes

Camping 7 Stanes

Accommodation 7 Stanes

Cycling Lands End to John o Groats

Reivers Cycle Route Camping

7 Stanes MTB

Border Reivers Cycle Route

Sustrans National Route 7






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